Frugili snug as a Frugi bug

Reviewed by Helen S, Frugi Customer & Crusader
Well, I had orders from my husband we needed more trousers for our young man.  Oh, ok, you’ve twisted my arm…  I’ll go and buy some.  So, onto the Frugi website where my loyalties lie and I purchased another pair of the brown cords (in the hope my husband won’t notice there are 2 pairs now!) and then thought that I’d go for the Bug Detective Lined Combats.  

I initially didn’t go for these because they were a lighter colour (than chocolate brown) and would show up any marks and need washing more often.  But, as they landed on our doormat, along with the cold north wind and snow, the rich brownness of the material shone through – it’s very subtle, and the website doesn’t do it justice.  The shade of colour and slight ‘shotness’ of it, means that mud blends in rather well!  Plus, and the big plus following last weekend’s snow, they are the warmest, cosiest, sumptuous pair of trousers our little man has ever had. 

At first he didn’t want to put them on,  the brown cords being his favourite.  However, having wrestled him to the floor, coerced him in with promises of chocolate buttons, he then didn’t want to take them off – all day, and the next day too!  (until we had a little accident and then they had to be removed, again with chocolate buttons entering the equation)

The detail on the back pocket is rather cute and has been noticed by other mums – a little bug crawling out of a pinned back pocket. 

They do take a little extra time to dry (thank God for the 2 pairs of brown cords!) but the weather seems to be staying cold so he’ll be in them again tomorrow. 

And maybe this is an incentive to stay dry in the potty training season too! 

These are a definite MUST for the winter and I think we might have to buy a bigger size to keep him happy next year too.

Any chance of a ‘breast feeding’ pair of trousers… er… xx


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