Funky ‘Christmas’ Romper?!

Reviewed by Diana E, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Here’s why my baby girl will be wearing the “Silver Cloud” Funky Mushroom Romper at Christmas – picture the scene… A parcel arrives with instructions to be opened before Christmas day and, as you feared, inside is a Christmas pudding/snowman/Santa outfit for your little one’s first Christmas. You groan inwardly but dutifully dress your baby in the offending item, at least they are too young to be embarrassed! Unfortunately, and you can’t think how this happened(!), some mashed sprout is smeared all over the outfit over Christmas lunch, tut, tut, shame….

This is what to do, ditch the polyester pudding and dig out this lovely, super-soft funky mushroom romper. In red/cream/silver tones your baby will be the cuddliest decoration in the house! It is soft and comfy for a tiny babe, hard-wearing for a commando crawler and “funky” for Mum and Dad. Although pale, I find my baby looks great with a bright red (to match the mushroom) knitted cardy on top, get your real or honorary “knitting Granny” on the case! She does crawl around in a fair amount of dirt (my baby, not Granny that is) but this romper washes beautifully and to be honest, the pale colours are not as impractical as you might think, she’s been crawling around on dusty wooden floors today and it’s all brushed off without a mark.

It’s far too lovely to be kept just for night-time, although it is perfect for one of those lazy weekend “whoops it’s lunchtime and no-one is dressed yet” days. I tell you what, it’s also very good for those “the wardrobe/airing cupboard is bare and I can’t find two single things that match” days”. Buy it, it’ll last so much longer than that reindeer costume you saw in the supermarket!



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