Funky Mushroom Romper – stripes and rompers, 2 of my favourite things!

Reviewed by Estelle R, Frugi Customer & Crusader

I loved the Swashbuckler Romper from the summer collection, so when the Winter catalogue arrived the Funky Mushroom Romper was the first thing to really catch my eye.  I really like rompers in general (ones with stripes in particular!), but the usual downside is that they are a very neat cut and impossible to fit over cloth nappies.  Not the Funky Mushroom Romper!  There’s loads of room to spare for cloth or an eco disposable and the more generous cut is extremely flattering.  

It’s ideal for night wear, but in my opinion far too nice to hide away.  Made of the gorgeous thick organic cotton we can depend upon from Frugi (another real difference from other rompers, which tend to be on the flimsy side), the 3 colours are gorgeous and the cute mushroom motif adds a lovely detail which ties in beautifully with the rest of the baby collection.  The poppers at the neck allow for easy dressing, an essential feature when dealing with a wriggler.

Size wise, the fit is generous.  My baby is nearly 9 months, but on the small side, so the 6-12 month size is a bit large.  However, the beauty of a romper is that you can just roll up the legs and arms and you have the added benefit of it lasting for longer!  Also, as the cut isn’t skin tight like a lot of other rompers, you can easily add an extra layer underneath in the form of a body for extra cosyness in the winter months.  

Out of all the items from this season, this romper is the one which has attracted the most admiring comments from other mums.  I love it so much, I’m tempted to buy the next size up as I’m sure I’ll miss it once it’s been outgrown.  Since it goes beyond the usual 12 month size limit of other rompers, I may well be tempted…



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