Funky Mushroom Top and Kneepatch Pull-ups

Reviewed by Natasha R, Frugi Customer & Crusader
When I put these items on my daughter I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the people behind Frugi are mothers. There are so many thoughtful little details in this outfit that could only have been included by someone who knows.

I found these clothes to be a very generous size, even after a couple of washes and a go in the dryer they still seem to be very roomy. Marked 12 to 18 months, I would say that my twin daughters will get wear out of this outfit well beyond the 18 month mark. Curious, I tried the outfit on my average sized (out of nappies) three year old and the pants fit very comfortably around the waist, with the big knee-patches ending up still somewhere around the knee area and all up a very jaunty three-quarter length shorts look. The top also fitted well, passing easily over her head (thanks to shoulder buttons) and not being tight around the tummy – it was just the sleeves that gave the game away, definitely tending towards the three quarter-length here.  Although a little oversized for my admittedly small (turning 1 next week) twins, I think this outfit is great value as I can see them getting well over six months wear out of it. While the drawstring waist means that it would fit an average one year old without looking ridiculous, I’d guess my girls will still be in it (at least the pants part) at two and a half. Now that’s definitely value for money!

We have the pants and top in dusty pink, which alternates with a purple stripe and bright pink neck line. It is a very smart design. The mushroom on the front is not printed onto the fabric, but actually an applique design with embroidered stars on it. I find these kinds of pictures last better than print-on designs which can peel or wear quite quickly in the wash. They also look a bit more special. Only one negative here and that is that after a few washes the pointy corners of the mushroom applique curl up and need to be ironed flat. Shoulder buttons make sure that the top doesn’t get stuck on the way on or off.

I have always found Frugi’s pants to be very well designed and these are no exception. They have a large, comfortable elastic band around the waist which is combined with a drawstring. The drawstring is sewn to the pants at the back so that your child can’t pull it out and harm themselves with it, or just generally make your life difficult getting it back in again. The genius of this system is that if the pants are a bit loose on your little one (and remember – no need to upsize with this outfit!) then you can just tighten the drawstring to hold them in place ensuring a perfect fit. However if your child is toilet  training, or just likes to dress themselves, then you can leave it with just the elastic and let the drawstring hang open so your child can pull them up and down on their own. The kneepatches are generously sized so that they will be around knee height for the whole time you are wearing the outfit. Cleverly they are in the darker of the two colors to hide any dirt. As the pants material is lovely and thick this extra layer really would provide extra padding for babies that crawl as well as protecting against dirt and wear and tear.

Another thing that I like about this outfit is it’s comfort. It is made from super-soft, thick organic cotton that feels warm and snuggly. There are no fiddly sticky out buttons, bows or buckles that would stop your child from lying down in it for a nice long afternoon sleep. Too many baby and toddler outfits look great in pictures, until you get them home and find that there is no way your child is going to have a decent nap in them because they are all stiff or spikey. This is an outfit that is perfect for everything from crawling to toilet training to a long winter snooze. Smart looking, with room to grow it is definitely made by people who know.

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  1. Thats a nice outfit. I prefer clothes that last. Nothing more comfy than old clothes. And kids grow up so fast, you can never seem to buy enough to dress them up.


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