Jealous mother of a boy

I bought the Tumble Twist Smock Top for a friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday and I can’t bring myself to send it to her.. .it’s gorgeous!  Again, it’s the wonderful cotton we’ve come to know and love of Frugi and the pattern and design is just soooo cute and trendy at the same time.  One of the many things I love about Frugi is (and you can see this with the girls wardrobe mainly) that the children can be children, and be trendy without being forced to wear clothes that are too old for them. 

A friend at work was very disappointed that her girls are just too old now for Frugi clothes – 8 and 7 years – as she’s been looking for ‘non-tarty’ stuff for them and can’t find anything she wants to buy.

Any chance of increasing the age range yet again?

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