Kimono Body- wrap around luxury

Reviewed by Estelle R, Frugi Customer & Crusader

There’s a lot to learn when you have your first baby, part of which is what works and what doesn’t clothes wise.  One thing I learnt pretty quickly was that newborns hate things being pulled over their heads.  

Initially I bought kimono type bodies from another organic range, which had poppers instead of the Frugi ties and to be honest they worked quite well.  However, they were far too slim fitting to accommodate cloth nappies (even though I sized up), so I decided to try Frugi Kimonos despite my doubts about the ties working as well as poppers. 

 Of course my misgivings were immediately proved wrong and I actually found the ties easier to cope with.  Even on a wriggly 9 month old, they have never come undone.  The quality of the fabric is of course far superior and Frugi have eliminated the neck label to minimise rubbing (they truly do think of everything!).

 I really wish I had known about these bodies before my son was born.  If I had, there would surely have been a few in my hospital bag.  Now there’s a newborn size available, in my opinion they are an essential item for a new baby.  My son goes through fewer outfits now he’s 9 months, but still loathes anything going over his head, so with the sizing extended up to 24 months they will remain on my shopping list for a good while yet.

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