Love Heart Shrug

Review by Joy P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

I’m onto my second (or third?) season of Frugi shrugs and this is every bit as good as the previous ones.  The fabric is soft and comfy, but sturdy enough to hold its shape well, and the colours are useful wardrobe staples for matching with lots of outfits as well as other Frugi clothes from this season.  My toddler likes it as the one button is quick to do up but enough to hold it on.  It’s particularly nice to have this to go with the ruffle cord dress for coordinated layers.

Author: Joy P

Joy is Mum to Abigail, 2 and Lucy, 3 months. When not on maternity leave she works as a freelance business psychologist. She likes food, music, gardening and shopping and is committed to fair-trade and planet-friendly approaches. Joy is a post-natal supporter for the NCT and a fan of independent midwives.

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