New Frugi sign at Gear Farm

New Frugi sign at Gear Farm

There’s been a funny noise emanating from our warehouse recently. A sort of dull repetitive thudding sound. At first we imagined that Mark, our warehouse manager and maker of fine cups of coffee, had been banging his head against the wall in anguish at the lack of space. Or his, how shall we put it, diverse musical tastes had morphed into something even more abstract.

However, it turns out that something far more exciting has been occurring.Mark’s made a new Frugi sign. The sound was the chip chip chip of chisels on wood! Apologies for any of you who have received their orders late, but he’s been busy you see? Saved from the axe to make fuel from the Pizza oven here at Gear Farm, this lump of fine Cornish timber has been, questionably, put to better use.

Mark - doing what he does best


              Well done Mark!




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