Pull Up Heaven

Reviewed by Rachael A, Frugi Customer & Crusader

I can’t imagine any item of clothing more perfect for active toddlers than Frugi pull up trousers. They are simply perfect in every possible way.  I’ve never some across such incredibly thick and soft cotton (and of course it’s organic which is SO much better for everybody concerned). But to say it’s so very soft, it’s also surprisingly tough and washes brilliantly.

They are perfectly cut to be the most comfy trousers ever, look great, and can be whipped on and off in an instant, either by me (which is SO handy when you have twins) or by 2-year-olds getting to grips with dressing themselves and of course, the dreaded potty training.

I hate toddler clothes that are restrictive or fiddly – I just can’t see the point – and pull ups are the epitomy of perfect design for active toddlers.

I have well worn boaty pull ups now in a storage box for the next baby (they wear so well they’ll last another childhood at least) and the new stripy pull ups are now first out of the drawer every time. In fact I can’t wash and dry them fast enough.

Well done Frugi for making organic clothes this stylish and yet this comfy. My kids and I salute you! 

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