Reversible Crawler Hoody

Reviewed by Sue D, Frugi Customer & Crusader

If you have ever gone to lift your baby out of a car seat or pram, and found that their coat has somehow ridden up so that they have had a zip rubbing on thier neck or face for half the journey, you should definitely consider buying a crawler hoody.

If your baby is unfortunate enough (like mine) to suffer from eczema, this jacket should definitely be a must have too.  Bea’s eczema is especially bad on her chin and jawline, and she has become an expert in using zips, buttons, stiff appliqued motifs or other decorations on her clothes as scratching aids, so that she can start off a trip out looking lovely, and can finish it dripping with blood.  This jacket has been a godsend.  Not only am I happy that Bea looks smart and cosy and comfortable, but more importantly, Bea seems to like wearing it – even having the odd tantrum when I try to take it off her when we get back indoors!

This jacket has no zips, no buttons, just small poppers positioned far enough from the neck not to rub.  The edges and cuffs are softly bound with the same jersey fabric as the ‘smooth side’ of the jacket, and the sleeves are softly tapered so that there are no battles to get reluctant arms through constricting cuffs.  The fleecy side of the jacket is very snuggly and has washed much better than I thought it would, unlike some of the polyester shaggy fleeces you can get.  The ‘crawler profile’ dipped back is also a great design feature.  I think Frugi should incorporate this into all their jackets, for all age groups, as it does keep the entire length of the back warm and draught free.

Bea’s arms aren’t particularly long, so we usually have to roll up the sleeves on tops and coats, and the good thing is that with a reversible coat, a turn up looks like a deliberate style statement!  Bea has been wearing the 12-18m jacket since just before her 1st birthday, and the cut of the body is such that it didn’t look ridiculously large, but there are definitely many more months of growing room left in it.  The hood is a very good fit on Bea, and I would say will cater for any longer necks and bigger heads out there. 

One thing I would say – we have the knee patch pull up trousers in the same toning colours (and size) as the crawler hoody, but unfortunately I find the trousers a little more generous in size, and harder to turn up due to the knee patches, so at present Bea doesn’t get to wear the two together.

I can’t recommend this jacket enough for any baby.  I will definitely be buying the next size up for Bea

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