Ruffle cord dress – a classic

Review by Joy P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

This dress is everything it looks in the photos.  A beautiful, classic design in a hard-wearing fabric, with lovely detailing in the contrasting fabric around the bottom.  It looks fantastic with the Bong Tree Top underneath but I’ve found the colour quite easy to match with other plain t-shirts in the wardrobe too.  I have had lots of comments about how lovely Abi looks in it, even at a 3rd birthday party in Cookham Dean when I was frankly terrified by the presence of so many expensive mothers and exquisitely Monsoon-clad immaculate toddlers. I like to think that Abi’s outfit looked classy and tasteful, but that she could still be a real little girl in it and zoom around the bouncy castle and the muddy bits in the garden without causing me undue distress.  The dress has survived quite hard treatment repeatedly and washes up fine. 

I am particularly enjoying the mix-n-match possibilities in this catalogue.  I’ve got both colours of love-heart shrug, the bong tree top and the printed cord gypsy skirt and it is lovely to have a variety of options for different temperatures.  It’s also great for special occasions to be able to deal with various messes by only changing one item of clothing and still produce a presentable, coordinated daughter! 

Author: Joy P

Joy is Mum to Abigail, 2 and Lucy, 3 months. When not on maternity leave she works as a freelance business psychologist. She likes food, music, gardening and shopping and is committed to fair-trade and planet-friendly approaches. Joy is a post-natal supporter for the NCT and a fan of independent midwives.

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