Tango multistripe top

Reviewed by Anna L, Frugi Customer & Crusader

“That’s what happens – they get opinions!” said my dad about a year ago, when Joe was one-year-old and I was surprised how opinionated he was. (I’m one of dad’s three very opinionated daughters…)

Joe is now two and my generally sweet and sunny boy has a level of OPINIONS about clothes that I’d expect from a teenage primadonna not a toddler. Put him in blue trousers when he wants his GREY TROUSERS and he’ll tear them off and hurl them across the room, and he screams as if the world has ended if I choose the hoody top instead of the cardi he wants to wear that day…

Thankfully he likes this lovely, simple, comfy, stripy top just as much as I do, and lets me put it on him – even helps me put it on him sometimes! This and the ‘red guitar’ body are both of our favourites at the moment. Who knows how long we will share a taste in clothes, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts! And I am enjoying it, because he looks just great in this – it’s soft and snuggly as you’d expect from Frugi, washes well, the colours are bright and lovely and it goes with absolutely everything and anything so it’s perfect for everyday wear.

My only issue is with the very wide neck . Joe is small and skinny so it may be wider on him than others, but he is over the age range for this size but it’s still almost ‘off the shoulder’. In this icey cold winter (and wet cold summer…), I often want a vest/body underneath and this nearly always shows – which doesn’t bother Joe of course, but a slightly slimmer neck would look neater and still allow plenty of head space.

Like many of the Frugi boys range, I wouldn’t see this as an exclusively ‘boys’ item -any big brother could pass it on to a little sister .

3 thoughts on “Tango multistripe top”

  1. Hi Anna
    Thanks for the lovely review. Lauren, one of our designers, has been working really hard to conquer the sizing around the neck opening on our envelope tops and baby bodies for the Spring/Summer Collection (out early next year…watch this space!) so hopefully you’ll see a bit of an improvement!

  2. Really interested to hear that Joe’s opinionated about clothes. When did he start that? Oliver’s 21 months now and couldn’t care less what he wears….I don’t know whether to be grateful or worried that his development is a bit behind!

  3. I’d say be grateful – be very grateful!! Must make mornings a lot easier, and there’ll be clothes crisis enough in the years to come, I’m sure it shouldn’t start at two! Though Joe’s strong opinions about clothes started not long after he was one. If he has a strong fashion/style gene he certainly didn’t get it from his parents! I guess it wont last long that any of us can choose their clothes so you may as well enjoy it while it lasts…

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