The Owl top

Reviewed by Alex C, Frugi customer and crusader  

Red.  It’s a funny colour, isn’t it – babies and children look universally adorable in it, yet many adults would rather stick a lobster with DTs down their kecks than be seen in scarlet. 

Now this top is seriously RED.  A wonderful strong, clear, vibrant red, with no hints of orange, pink or blue.  The sort of red which makes you think of Christmas, or film stars’ lips.  Oliver looks fantastic in it, and I love it.

On the practical side – like all Frugi gear, it washes really well and doesn’t need ironing, especially if you give it a quick smooth before it dries.  It’s soft, thick and warm, with some nice practical buttons to make dressing/undressing easy.  I particularly like the fact that the layered effect looks genuine – the top (short-sleeved) layer really does sit over the bottom (long sleeved) layer so that it looks like two garments, not one.   

On the first wash it bled very slightly, but nothing one of those fab little colour magnets couldn’t mop up.  On the second wash I didn’t notice any colour leaching at all. 

I’m often dubious about tops with appliqué designs on, as the needlework can be poor on the reverse and irritate the skin beneath.  No such problems here – Oliver wore this quite happily with no vest.  Admittedly, he has the hide of a rhino, with nary a hint of eczema, allergy or sensitivity, but I was impressed even so.  Another reason to be wary of appliqué is that all too often it’s hand-embroidered using the nimble little fingers of children in sub-contracted sweatshops.  (Nimble until they’re crippled by arthritis that is).  No such concerns here.  Workers at Frugi’s Indian manufacturing partner seem to enjoy such good conditions that I’m thinking of asking for a transfer.  Just until next Spring, that is.  It’s 30 degrees in Mumbai today.

Any suggestions for improvement?  Not really.  I suppose having a design which went from front to back might have made the top more distinctive.  And there’s my perennial gripe about the large sticky-outy labels at the neck.  But as ever, I’m being pit-nicky.  This is a great top which I wholeheartedly recommend.  Buy it! 

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  1. I love the bright colour too! It is so nice to see that boys clothes don’t always have to be navy blue or grey. A really smart top.

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