Undercover Bug Top

Reviewed by Natasha R, Frugi Customer & Crusader

We have this top in the teal stripe version and I love it for the colours. The bright red neck and wrist trim makes this a stand-out favourite in my sons wardrobe, while the more conservative navy and kaki stripes mean that it can be worn with pretty much any of his existing clothes. The high point of this top is the little embroidered bug logo on the bottom front corner of the top. It is actually quite intricate with the same material as the top being used as an applique and embroidered on at a slight angle so that the stripes don’t quite match up. The end result is of an insect that has cleverly camouflaged itself to match the material of the top.

My son has just discovered “boy stuff” and is at that age where kids are desperate to express their gender in everything they do and with everything they wear. Sadly, all to often “boy stuff” ends up being some stereotyped violent or just plain ugly image that I don’t like my little boy wearing. The undercover bug pleases us both: him because a bug has enough of that “icky” factor to make it a “boy thing”; me because I can use it to talk about nature and how insects use camouflage – it actually ended up being quite educational with us looking on the internet for examples of creatures that change colour to match their environment.

A very classic design, the discreet bug should please boys of all ages. It is made from soft, thick organic cotton and is generously sized. This is a top that can take a bit of wear and tear, washes up well, and can definitely be worn without ironing!  Although my son has no trouble getting it on and off, the addition of a button or two on the shoulder would have been a plus. Nevertheless, a sure wardrobe staple, warm and comfortable, smart and fashionable.

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