What’s new pussycat (woah woah woah…)

Reviewed by Jenny T, Frugi Customer & Crusader

These edible dungarees are going to make me break a resolution and I will have to buy them again in the next size because they are just so gorgeous!  For the first time in 3 babies, baby no3 (Martha) can actually sit down in dungarees without the poppers between the legs unpopping!  It’s also been great to have such a perfect fit all over without having to have the next size up with massive turnups on the legs.

In most of her cloth nappies they are a perfect fit and it’s only in the thickest, bulkiest of nappies that there’s the slightest of straining.  She has a mix of cotton, bamboo, hemp and microfibre nappies in the nappy stash and it’s great to not have to compromise on nappy choice to make sure the clothes fit.  At just under average weight (according to the horrible red book) and at almost 7 months, the 3-6 mth size is a spot on fit.

The purply elderberry colour goes with most of Martha’s pink tops (a rose pink is particularly lovely), but cream looks delicious as does a sagey green.  And now I can see me being lured in to get more of the co-ordinating goodies in the same design.  The uber cute cat applique on the front pocket (what do babies keep in their pockets anyway??) is the same fabric as the tumble twist smock top and it’s calling to me now I’ve had a taster of how beautiful the colours and design are!

The dungarees have washed brilliantly – and are quick to dry so they’ve been worn almost every other day since Martha got them!  The print on the applique has stayed true and there has been no fading at all – they look pristine after almost 10 washes so far!

Soft and comfy with lots of wriggle and rolling room – I love that these dungarees match all girly colours and unlike stiff denim or even cord, they don’t slice Martha in half when she sits, or is in a buggy or car seat regardless of what nappy she’s wearing.

Pussycat pussycat (dungarees) I love you yes I do

(with apologies to Tom Jones!!)

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