Polka Dot Pants

Reviewed by Helen H, Frugi Customer & Crusader

The Polka Pants quickly became a favourite from the autumn / winter collection, in fact along with the Tumble Twist Smock top (my all time favourite girl’s top) they make up my girls most lived in outfit this winter being smart, warm and very practical. They just look really comfy and understated girly.

With super soft cord (the same as the Lucy Locket Dress) they have some lovely details. I particularly liked the polka jersey turn-ups which just added to the cute and individual factor. The same polka dot pattern is also on the waistband and drawstring.
The essential deep pockets are there to stash things in, there are also some ruffled back pockets.
A feature that’s been particularly useful as she tries to keep up with her brothers in the park are the padded knees, which would be useful for speedy crawlers.
As with everything I’ve had from Frugi they wash and wash brilliantly. The cord does attract fluff but that’s easily dealt with.
Thank you Frugi, any chance of making organic cords in adult sizes, I could be warm too then!  

Stardust trousers – a review

Reviewed by Joy P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

These trousers are absolutely beautiful; the embroidery is big and bold and shiny and has attracted glowing comments whenever my two-year old has worn them.  They’ve got those Frugi details in too, I love the stitched-down corner of the pocket on the back and having the lining show at the bottom.

They get the thumbs-up for comfort from Abi too, being cosily lined and having toggles at the waist to get a good fit – a novelty for us, but since abandoning cloth nappies in the summer for grown-up trips to the bathroom, suddenly many things have been falling down.

The courdroy holds its shape very well, which means I haven’t ironed them yet despite many washings!  It is great for turning up while the trousers are being grown into – a turn up holds all day without needing tacking into place, and it looks deliberate because of the lovely lining. The colours have also held excellently.  There is one drawback, though, which is that the  cords do attract fluff in the wash and it really shows on the Raisin colour.  However, this may actually be a good thing, as they’ve been worn a lot as everyday trousers, whereas otherwise I might have kept them for best.  And it would be a great shame not to flaunt these at every possible opportunity, given how lovely they are and how hard-wearing!

Lucy Locket Dress – a super practical and cute dress

Lucy Locket Dress – Reviewed by Helen H, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Being more at ease with dressing my little girl in trousers, I wouldn’t have picked these out when I first saw this Frugi collection. I tended to think that dresses look not very practical in the park play sense, but I’m very pleased to say that I was proved wrong and my wardrobe choices have expanded! In fact, so much so that having read the review for the Cord Gypsy Skirt I’ll be giving that a go as she moves from the baby to the Girls wear. 

It was a big hit with my little girl, who gave everyone a twirl and a beaming smile. She enjoyed the attention as her brothers said “she looks like a real girl, she looks beautiful” ( a real ‘ahh’ moment as they were really proud of her)

Made from really soft yet warm cord (so fantastic for the cooler weather) it has some lovely styling features. The front pockets are particularly loved, they are used both to stash the all important stuff and to keep her hands warm.

I’m grateful for Frugi making co-ordinating these items easy, something particularly useful for those like me whose colour co-ordination senses is rather lacking (although saying that my daughter is increasingly choosing her own selections which are certainly more individual than co-ordinated shall we say!)

The dress looks great with both the plain and stripy tights, great too with funky boots! We’ve also teamed it with the drawstring pants. For tops it goes really well with the Stars Above Bodies (that’s another topic but Frugi, in my opinion, make THE best bodies)

The dress does wash really well, as with cord it does pick-up some fluff in the wash but that’s easily put right with a bit of sellotape.

All in all, a really cute and gorgeously practical dress.

Creepy Crawler Top – a BIG hit for boys!

Reviewed by Helen H, Frugi Customer & Crusader

This Creepy Crawler top is both my boys’ current favourite top and one of their three favourite items from the Frugi winter collection – the others being the Cord Combats and the Bug Detective Hoody.

What boy wouldn’t like this top? It really does appeal to the creepy crawler lovers with a massive crawly on the front of the top.  The colour and double layer styling are appreciated too as is the super soft cotton. I like the fact that it’s long sleeved and keeps them snug in this cold weather.

As with all Frugi / C4C items I’ve tried it washes brilliantly.

Highly recommended!!




New breastfeeding tops…coming soon!!

You may have noticed that it’s significantly colder at the moment, so you’ll be relieved to hear that our new, long-sleeved breastfeeding tops are arriving at the end of December. Hoorah! We’ve got some lovely (and very flattering, frump-free) styles, available in a lovely ‘boho blossom’ pattern, and in plain colours too.

You can have a look at all our new breastfeeding tops on the website and if you’d like to reserve one, just pre-order it online and we’ll send it out as soon as they arrive!