Lucy Locket Dress – a super practical and cute dress

Lucy Locket Dress – Reviewed by Helen H, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Being more at ease with dressing my little girl in trousers, I wouldn’t have picked these out when I first saw this Frugi collection. I tended to think that dresses look not very practical in the park play sense, but I’m very pleased to say that I was proved wrong and my wardrobe choices have expanded! In fact, so much so that having read the review for the Cord Gypsy Skirt I’ll be giving that a go as she moves from the baby to the Girls wear. 

It was a big hit with my little girl, who gave everyone a twirl and a beaming smile. She enjoyed the attention as her brothers said “she looks like a real girl, she looks beautiful” ( a real ‘ahh’ moment as they were really proud of her)

Made from really soft yet warm cord (so fantastic for the cooler weather) it has some lovely styling features. The front pockets are particularly loved, they are used both to stash the all important stuff and to keep her hands warm.

I’m grateful for Frugi making co-ordinating these items easy, something particularly useful for those like me whose colour co-ordination senses is rather lacking (although saying that my daughter is increasingly choosing her own selections which are certainly more individual than co-ordinated shall we say!)

The dress looks great with both the plain and stripy tights, great too with funky boots! We’ve also teamed it with the drawstring pants. For tops it goes really well with the Stars Above Bodies (that’s another topic but Frugi, in my opinion, make THE best bodies)

The dress does wash really well, as with cord it does pick-up some fluff in the wash but that’s easily put right with a bit of sellotape.

All in all, a really cute and gorgeously practical dress.

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