New breastfeeding tops…coming soon!!

You may have noticed that it’s significantly colder at the moment, so you’ll be relieved to hear that our new, long-sleeved breastfeeding tops are arriving at the end of December. Hoorah! We’ve got some lovely (and very flattering, frump-free) styles, available in a lovely ‘boho blossom’ pattern, and in plain colours too.

You can have a look at all our new breastfeeding tops on the website and if you’d like to reserve one, just pre-order it online and we’ll send it out as soon as they arrive!

2 thoughts on “New breastfeeding tops…coming soon!!”

  1. Love the look of the boho blossom top and gorgeous dress – I’ve had lots of use out of the short sleeved Henley top but these look to beat that. It’s like a version of your children’s gorgeous boho tops for deserving mums (plus all of the great breastfeeding features of course) Hurray!!

  2. Love the new breastfeeding tops. Really hoping my husband will take all my hints and order one for my Christmas stocking!

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