I spy a Pasty


This has nothing to do with organic cotton, baby clothes or the like but…

On the way to dropping my eldest at school this morning we played “I spy”.

So, he says, “I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with…P”

I say, because Tom can play a quite surreal version at times, “Playtime, Pink, Potatoes, Pass me my banana etc.” Eventually I got “Plane”. Indeed, there was a plane, parked up (Or however it’s termed) on the ground at Culdrose air base, where we pass on the way.

So, no problem there then. A proper object, a ‘proper’ game of I spy.

The game continues. I don’t get to do the “I spy” bit, even though I guessed correctly, ┬ábecause it always has to be Tom.

Anyway, he says, “I spy etc. etc., something beginning with P”

Oh, another “P”

So, I go “Pants, Pencil, Perhaps you’d like a pasty etc. etc.” Eventually giving up.

Tom, “PLANE !!!!!”

Me, “You already said plane”

Tom, “There were TWO planes!”

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