Bloomin’ Lovely Dungarees

Bloomin Lovely Dungarees
Bloomin Lovely Dungarees

I find it hard to be critical of Frugi clothes, but the honest truth is that when I first saw the Bloomin’ Lovely Dungarees, I wasn’t very taken with them.  I found the lilac colour off-putting… too sickly sweet for my taste.  And there are several design details that in combination I felt were rather twee.  I’m delighted to have a baby girl, but I’d rather dress her quirkily than prettily.

I also struggled with the practicality of the dungarees on their first outing.  It probably didn’t help that this very summery outfit arrived for review amid snow and ice and so I needed to find some suitable extra layers to keep Hebe warm.  The dungarees do not open flat and need to be pulled over the head or up from the legs.  I found this pretty fiddly, as either way requires un-buttoning and buttoning the front panel of buttons and these were very tight.  However, I’ve been persevering and have discovered that this all gets significantly easier after the dungarees have been through the wash.  The cotton is now much softer and I guess the buttons must have loosened a little on their thread.  Perhaps my hands are also less cold and stiff!  This is much less of a hassle than it seemed at first and I’ve got the knack of pulling the dungarees over the head.  There are only three poppers between the legs, so, once the dungarees are on, nappy changes are actually very quick and easy.

It has become obvious to me that dungarees have advantages over dresses for young baby girls, as they don’t get bunched up around the ears every time the baby is picked up, and they also work neatly when strapping your child into a bouncy chair or car seat.  These ones are definitely well cut for wearing over cloth nappies and the 0-3 month size are currently a good fit for Hebe who is 12 weeks old, of average weight, but rather long in the body.

Much to my surprise, although my first impressions weren’t that good, I’ve found myself growing more and more attached to these dungarees.  Hebe is dressed in them again today, looking, to my eyes, both quirky and pretty in one.  I’d be proud to watch her crawl around on a lawn in this outfit at a summer wedding and I’m beginning to feel a little sad that it looks like she’ll be too long for them by the time the weather warms up.  So, if a doubter like me can be converted, I’m sure that, if you’ve seen these dungarees on-line or in the catalogue and picked them out as something you like, you won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by Anna S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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  1. My parcel containing these dungies arrived this morning, and, as usual with Frugi clothes I am really pleased with the style and quality.
    Bea liked the look of them so much that she insisted on wearing them today (the outfit that I had put out for her was hurled away with a ‘No!’)
    I think it is worth mentioning just how practical the print used for all the blooming lovely garments is. For those of us that have babies who are now attacking solid food, the print is ideal – lots of red, orange and pink fruits and flowers liberally scattered across the fabric – perfect for disguising the odd spoon-mouth error! Bea has so far decorated hers with porridge and salmon quiche (not at the same time…) and I would defy anyone to spot the stains at first glance.

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