Bow Peep Roll-Ups

Wearing the Bow Peep Trousers and Patsy Prawn Top
Lucia wearing the Bow Peep Trousers and Patsy Prawn Top

I hardly know where to start with these trousers; the things I love about them are endless! They’re a really beautiful colour which goes with all things girly (like the Bloomin’ Lovely Top and Patsy Prawn Top¬†from the same collection) but also looks great with the blues, greens and browns my daughter Lucia (20 months) inherited from her older brother. They dress up for parties with the bottoms rolled up to see the trim, but also keep legs warm turned down when out and about in the carrier or pushcahir.

They’re also wonderfully roomy over Lucia’s nappies (even over the size two Fluffles which are pretty big). I love the coordinated drawstring round the waist, which doesn’t keep coming undone and stops them falling off nappy-less bottoms, so these trousers will see Lucia all though potty training too. The fabric and button-fastening means the roll-ups actually stay up, accommodating little growing legs so we’re expecting to get months of wear out of these (we’ve got some green crawler dungarees made from the same canvas which still look fantastic four children later so I know it lasts well).¬†

But my favourite feature has to be the pockets because they’re that bit further down the leg so Lucia can gets her hands in them easily and the plastic animals and bits of playdough she puts in them don’t get squished into her bum when she sits down!

Reviewed by Hannah S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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