Breast is best!

Although I am totally convinced that breastfeeding has many benefits, I found it much more difficult than I had anticipated first time around.  Harry was slow to put on weight and seemed to need feeding non-stop throughout the night.  It also took me a while to feel comfortable feeding him in certain public places.  There was, for example, more than one ride on crowded public transport when I considered asking the other passengers to vote on which they found least offensive – me half-undressed and feeding, or Harry wailing from hunger.  I’m glad to say that, second time around, it all seems so much easier.  But, oh, what I would have given for one of the Frugi breastfeeding tops when Harry was small(er).

Frugi's Scoop Neck Kaftan Breastfeeding Top
Frugi's Scoop Neck Kaftan Breastfeeding Top

The design of the scoop neck kaftan is ingeniously simple – an underlayer with deep cut gaps at the side through which you can comfortably pop your breast out, without flashing too much flesh.  You could probably do it without flashing any flesh at all if you really wanted to avoid it, and once your baby is happily attached there is plenty of fabric from top and bottom layers, to snuggle them up comfortably.  I haven’t got to the stage yet where my baby daughter  is distractable during feeding, but if that is a problem then I reckon you could hide your little one under the top layer and let them get on with it undisturbed.

So – as breastfeeding tops go – this one really fits the bill.  But the main reason I can barely bring myself to take the scoop neck kaftan off, is that I think it looks great and it is extremely comfortable to wear.  It is pretty rare to find an item of clothing that looks special when you put it on but doesn’t require any special care.  I tend to throw things off at night and throw them on again in the morning, and then when I really must, throw them in the wash.  No problem – this is a real advantage of Frugi clothes , they seem to hold up to anything.

I have the black kaftan to review – which suits me very well as I’m quite particular about what prints I like and more often than not tend to stick to plain colours or stripes.  But the one disadvantage of the black is that there is no disguising the fact that you’ve been holding a dribbly, burpy baby over your shoulder – and so, sadly, you do sometimes have to put it in the wash and find something else to wear.

This is a classic and essential piece of clothing for a new (or re-newed) mother, so I hope Frugi keep it in their future collections.

Oh – and if you are still waiting for your baby to arrive, breastfeeding isn’t for you, or if your baby isn’t a baby anymore, don’t let any of these be reasons to put your off.  This top is so versatile that the breastfeeding element is just an added bonus.  I’m convinced I’ll be wearing it for years to come.

Reviewed by Anna S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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