Dotty Spotty Romper

Lily proves that rompers are great for wriggling!
Lily proves that rompers are great for wriggling!

The first thing that struck me about the Dotty Spotty Romper (after the purple spots – I love purple spots) was the quality of the appliqué. Lovely, durable, brightly coloured flower patches with embroidered overstitch in beautiful complimentary colours. Then we put it to use and I fell in love even more.

By far the best thing about rompers is that they are so, so practical. They may not be considered the most trendy outfits, especially past about 3 months, but when your little one is really discovering movement and testing the limits of what her body will do, a romper is perfect. Lily is 8 months old and trying to progress to a proper crawl (as opposed to her belly on the floor commando crawling), attempting to pull herself up, continuing to roll around at astonishing speed and gets into any mischief she can find. Being in a romper means there is nothing around her waist to restrict her movement, no separate top to get bunched up around her chest.

Dotty Spotty Baby RomperHowever, this is not just any romper, it’s a Frugi romper, so it is made from the softest, most beautiful organic cotton which washes and wears wonderfully. Plus, of course, it is generously cut to fit over a cloth nappy, but looks equally adorable over a disposable. The long sleeves and legs mean that it is versatile season-wise and as it gets warmer, we will just remove socks and reduce bodysuit sleeve length. I think it would take an unusually warm British summer day to make it completely un-wearable. This is the perfect outfit for playtime – around the house, out in the garden (when it warms up) – this romper is even stylish enough to venture out to playdates and the park.



Reviewed by Kate F – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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