Fisherman Sweatshirt

Ernesto in his Fisherman Sweatshirt
Ernesto in his Fisherman Sweatshirt

This enviably classy and comfy top really has become a favourite overnight! Despite my son Ernesto’s distinct lack of interest in clothing, he’s even fished this one out of the washing basket after claims that his other sweatshirts are too thick, he can’t get them on and he can’t move his arms fast enough in them! The loopback cotton is really cosy but still fairly lightweight, making it easy to layer over tops and under coats without Ernesto becoming so padded that he can’t move. The buttoned high neck keeps out the cold but is also easy to put on (why are there so few neck-fastening tops for children older than two? It’s much harder to get a tight top on an older child because if they don’t like it they not only complain, they also run off!).

Like all Frugi organic cotton, it washes brilliantly, doesn’t fade and doesn’t have to be ironed (hurray!). The gorgeous dark, plain blue colour goes with nearly everything, but does show up  the muck. On the other hand the quality of the fabric means it cleans up brilliantly with a damp cloth, so soup splodges are not a problem. Please Frugi can you make grown-up sizes of these?


Reviewed by Hannah S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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