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Rascal Roll-Up Trousers
Rascal Roll-Up Trousers

These Rascal Roll-Up Trousers follow a classic Frugi design, with an elasticated waistband and stitched in drawstring, and button-up roll bottoms.   Although, at first sight, the 18-24 month size looked like they would take some growing into by my 20-month old, slim build but pot-bellied rascal, appearances can be deceptive.  In fact they are a very good fit both with disposable and cloth nappies.  The elasticated waistband is snug enough that they don’t fall down (unlike many non-Frugi trousers of the same size) but is also wide enough that there is no danger of it digging in uncomfortably as his pot-belly swells.  The drawstring can be tied for added security in the early days if the trousers are on the loose side.

Meanwhile the roll-up feature is not just a good look… they are great to prevent the trouser bottoms from getting soaked in puddles or stepped on by clambering feet.  And, of course, they give the trousers an extended life-time on growing legs.  The thick cotton jersey that these trousers are made from is not only extremely comfortable but I’m pretty sure it is going to be hard-wearing too (I’ll let you know if this proves untrue).

The khaki colour of these trousers is very forgiving of all the scrapes and adventures that you would expect of a 20-month old (although I admit the neon-coloured paints Harry had been using at nursery did show up!), and I love the blue details which mean they can be mixed and matched with other clothes in the Frugi collection for guaranteed style.

Harry likes the pockets – great for storing contraband items (snacks/pens) and beloved treasures (plastic farm animals mainly).

The only minor draw-back: the elastic in the waistband can get twisted under the cotton outer, but it doesn’t take much effort to correct this.

All-in-all, a puddle-stomping rascal or a castle-climbing king would be equally well equipped  in these!

Reviewed by Anna S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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