Helterskelter Polo T-Shirt

The very zingy Helterskelter Polo T-Shirt
The very zingy Helterskelter Polo T-Shirt

Our helterskelter polo t-shirt arrived in a snowstorm.  ‘Is it going to be summer this year?’, my four year old asked as he gazed at his new Frugi clothes and pondered his future building projects in the garden. Sure hope so. But even on the greyest dreariest day, this top will cheer you up with its defiant, brilliant stripes – geranium red, sunflower yellow, azure, cerulean blue.  These are the colours of my own summer childhood memories:  fairground rides; lurid sticks of rock adhering to shorts pockets; carefully-tended garden patches filled with marigolds, snapdragons and poached egg flowers; rainy afternoons in the kitchen with a batch of cup cakes,  icing sugar  and a range of  hyperactivity-inducing food colourings.

Children love and thrive on vibrant colours but for boys,  colourful clothes are hard to find. This top will satisfy the cravings of all those with bright, bold sons who have found themselves flicking disconsolately through the rails  of sludgey grey, brown and taupe garments on offer in the department stores.  Sisters will be jealous.

The really clever thing about this top, though, is its versatility. These stripes are smart stripes.  The polo style, with its suave navy blue collar and buttons,  means the Helter Skelter can be teamed up with long trousers – the trekker zip-offs coordinate perfectly – and presto, your boy is transformed from sand-encrusted urchin into the suave and relaxed offspring you desire to grace your more formal occasions. I’ve also found it invaluable to have a shirt like this with a  collar that can be turned up to protect sun-burnt necks.

Because it’s a Frugi top, the Helter Skelter polo is destined to get a lot of wear. The cotton is so sumptuously, gorgeously soft your child won’t want to take it off and it won’t go mysteriously thin and scratchy after a few wearings.   It’s lovely and roomy, so will keep your boy cool in hot weather, and you can layer it over something long-sleeved when the weather’s a bit chilly. And because Frugi colours don’t fade in the wash, this top will stay bright all summer.  Overall, a practical and beautiful piece of clothing.

Reviewed by Zoe R, Frugi Customer & Crusader

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