Kimono Body

Kimono Baby Body
Kimono Baby Body

I know the appeal for most people of kimono-style clothing for little ones is that you don’t have to pull it over the baby’s head. For me, this definitely would’ve been the case 6 months ago, but now it actually seems to make it harder to get things on my 8 month old – she is such a little wriggler that having something pulled over her head means she can’t squirm out of it while I try and get each arm in the appropriate place. Why then, do I love Frugi’s Kimono bodies so much?

First, the wrap style means that the fabric sits nice and close to her neck at the front, back and sides, as opposed to some envelope necks we’ve tried. This, along with the double layer on her chest that results from the crossover, is very reassuring to me, as an Australian trying to keep her baby warm through a cold English winter, that I am starting out with a good first layer.

Instead of poppers under each arm, there are little ties. I clearly didn’t pay enough attention to the pictures before I ordered, and was surprised by this, as well as a little dubious that ties would be as effective as poppers – surely they’d come undone. Admittedly, after a full-days wear, the ties are often a bit looser, but they have never come completely un-tied, at least not of their own accord (leave Lily alone for a moment with nothing over the body, though, and you’ll probably find one of the ties in her mouth :D).  Finally, I haven’t been able to test this theory yet, but I do believe that having ties instead of poppers will allow a bit of flexibility in chest size when your little one is getting to the bigger end of the size, since the ties are long enough that the layers would not need to be pulled right up against each other in order to get a decent knot.

Most importantly for us, like all of Frugi’s baby-wear, they are cut for cloth and fairly generously sized, so they’re actually roomy over Lily’s cloth nappies and we can buy the size for her age and height, not the size required by her butt. And, of course, they are made from Frugi’s thick, beautifully soft organic cotton that washes and wears beautifully. The two-pack means you can have one on and one in the wash. Ours have been on high rotation for about a month now and look just as good as when they were new.

Reviewed By Kate F – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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