Patsy Prawn Top

Lucia wearing the Patsy Prawn Top
Lucia wearing the Patsy Prawn Top

I must admit that I’m not a pink person. I avoid dressing Lucia in pink on principle, but since the Patsy Prawn Top arrived it has been worn straight from the airer each time and hasn’t yet made it to the cupboard. This is partly because it looks so good with the Bo-Peep Roll-ups, which I love, but also because the prawn on the front has such character. Lucia treats it like one of her teddies and offers it drinks and food, which is a problem because she objects to me covering it with a bib at mealtimes. So far all of the stains have washed out fine, but the chocolate did need some persuasion.

The variety of colours in the patchwork-style applique makes it easy to coordinate with other clothes, and the fantastic Frugi organic cotton doesn’t loose it’s shape or softness. So hurrah for the only pink top Lucia owns!

Reviewed by Hannah S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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