Review: Strawberry Sundae Bootcuts

Stripy TrousersMy daughter loves two things, dresses and trousers that are similar to PJ’s but that mummy lets her wear out and about.
I love two things – clothes that are slightly different and quirky, clothes that are easily washed and stay looking new.

The Strawberry Sundae Bootcut Trousers are proving popular, they’ve been worn to Nana’s house, to the park, to playgroup and to the shops. I know they are good because she chooses them over her previous favourites! They have survived our hard water without becoming as stiff as a very stiff thing, which is always a slightly concern when you don’t have a tumble dryer but do have a rather particular daughter.

They have remained soft, the colours haven’t run (hoorah, my mother would be proud!) and they’ve not become a shapeless baggy saggy mess, which is what seems to happen to a lot of clothes!

Also – no buttons! A very huge positive when it comes to a little girl who is learning to use the toilet independently, it means she can pull them down and up on her own, which is actually a huge thing! I hadn’t given it much thought previously but now buttons are something of a nuisance. She feels fantastic because she’s done it all herself, and I don’t have to abandon something 2/5’s of the way through to make a mad dash into the toilet to fiddle with small toddler trouser buttons. Hoorah all round. The fact they have ties is very important as they wouldn’t have fit my skinny minny otherwise! I think the only thing that could have made them better would have been a bit more elastic in the waist! Or a way of adjusting the waist a little more tightly than through the drawstrings, as lots of up and down action meant they did end up falling down half way through the day! 

All in all we’re thrilled, and the envy of many friends – two of whom have already swapped clothes with her whilst visiting in order to sport her trousers!

Reviewed by Chloe M – Frugi Customer & Crusaders

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