Rockpool hoody and shorts

Rockpool Towelling Hoody
Rockpool Towelling Hoody

Our rockpool towelling hoody, shorts and sun hat arrived in the middle of the recent snow and my son (aged two and half) couldn’t wait to try them on – to which his first comment was ‘comfy’.  They are indeed very very soft and now I really can’t wait for the summer as he looks completely adorable in them (sets off his lovely blue eyes) and they will be so practical on holiday, on the beach, in the garden, just about everywhere. 

You can’t look at towelling clothes without thinking of hot summer days and the beach but the top looks great with a t-shirt under
it and with a pair of jeans and so thankfully doesn’t need a heat wave to be worn (we are in Britain after all!).  They also make great pyjamas aswell – a testament to the softness is that we couldn’t get him out of the top for about 3 days (it was in a sad state at the end but washed up lovely and is still very soft).

Having only discovered Frugi in the past year I have really liked the boys wear.  There always seems so much choice for girls everywhere, but boys wear always seems to be the same colours, cuts and designs so it is really exciting to get a boys outfit where you know people will ask where you got that from and doesn’t it look different etc which this outfit will.  I don’t think the brochure does justice to just how cute but so definitely boyish (and practical)  this outfit is!

Reviewed by Sam C – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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