The loo

I know you all must think that we’re all a little obsessed with the loo here at Frugi, but there’s a good reason for it – for such a long time we had to brave the elements (the rain, wind, snow, sleet, hail etc) to get to the barn where we had our loo. It was cold. And wet. And the water in the tap was close to freezing so washing hands wasn’t very fun.

But now we’ve got the loo inside, things are better. Or are they?

Going downstairs through the warehouse is a slightly terrifying experience – you have to negotiate an awful lot of scarily positioned boxes that could come crashing down on you at any moment, trapping you in a mound of babygrows and bibs. It would be nasty. Anna, who is very small and petite, could potentially be stuck under a pile of clothes for hours without anyone realising that she was there, her squeaky shouts for help wouldn’t register above the blaring Archers theme tune on Radio 4, so she’d be there til the end of the day when Mark switched the radio off. Poor thing! (It would really help if all our customers bought more clothes for the Summer and then we could get rid of some of the boxes…!!)

Anyway, I digress – the thing I wanted to point out about going to the new loo is that when you get there, you feel like you’re in a doctor’s waiting room or something. So far, things put in the loo (not actually in the loo itself, but in the room) include:

  • 4 Frugi Posters on the walls – it is nice to have something to look at I suppose, and there’s one poster that’s all about organic cotton, which is useful to read every once in a while.
  • 2 Large Ordnance Survey Maps of West Cornwall – presumably someone put them up in case we got lost on the way back through the warehouse labyrinth of boxes?
  • A Wooden Shelf – Mark’s handywork.
  • A selection of books, including Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” which is a great book, but I’ve never been a fan of reading on the loo – I always though it was a bloke’s thing…but have recently learnt that girls do it too.
  • Some Trashy Magazines – which prove my point that girls read on the loo as well; or that Mark, Hugo and Kurt love celebrity gossip!
  • A Hand Towel that smells like feet – not very nice for drying your hands on cos then your hands smell like feet too. Yuck.
  • Some Handwash – a nice touch – we like being able to clean our hands. If only we could dry them on something that didn’t smell like feet…
  • A Loo Roll Holder – possibly the most pointless addition to the loo, as everyone puts the loo roll on the shelf along with the magazines and books.

It’s so far removed from the old days of the loo in the barn. We can plan a route from Truro to Helston via St Austell & the Eden Project, read up about organic cotton and catch up with the latest celebrity gossip. And we can wash our hands in warm water (but we can’t dry them though!)

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