Trekker Zip-Offs

Trekker Zip-Off Trousers
Trekker Zip-Off Trousers

These trousers have a rugged, exploratory feel.  The sturdy colours are a great foil to all the bright and beautiful tops in this summer’s collection,  providing a practical but stylish basis for many outfits. 

Zipped on, they’re good for scrambling through bramble patches, negotiating meadows of tick-infested long grasses, keeping off the midgies while grilling marshmallows over the camp-fire. Zipped off, perfect for plunging hot dusty feet and ankles in cool streams, padding over velvet-soft lawns and creating sand sculptures on the beach.  If your boy is the outdoors type, he really needs a pair of these: they’re perfectly designed for the vagaries of the British climate.

I confess that I am a fanatic about Frugi’s trousers for the simple reason that my son refuses to wear anything else. Comfortable trousers should form the basis of any boy’s wardrobe, but in my experience they are astonishingly difficult to find: nasty rough fabrics that itch and rub, ill-fitting designs, and non-functioning waistbands are sadly de rigeur amongst major manufacturers. What a relief then,  to find a pair that have been designed, not just to look good, but with the comfort of the young child firmly in mind.  The canvas material is strong but not suffocatingly heavy, the cut is generous round the crotch and seat so he doesn’t get too hot, they don’t pinch or bunch up in tender places, the waistband is lined with soft cotton so they don’t rub and the toggles adjust to fit even my super-skinny son: no more of those comedy collapsing-round-the-ankles moments in public places!

These zip-offs are also versatile,  with real cross-seasonal appeal.  Along with the rebel roll-ups, they offer great flexibility and adjustability and a solution to the too-long, too-short dilemma.  Have you noticed how boys’ trousers are the perfect length for about five minutes? If your child is between sizes, they can wear the zip-offs as long shorts all summer, then use them as  full-length trousers come early Autumn when their legs have lengthened.  I’ve also found these longer-length shorts good for those  many wet days in the summer, when your child insists on wading through long soggy grass and soaking his trouser legs. This way he stays dry and you don’t end up with three pairs of wet trousers at the end of the day.

Treat your boy to a pair of these. You know he deserves them.


Reviewed by Zoe R – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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  1. When I first got these trousers, the weather was too cold to wear them as shorts, so I missed a really cool detail. The zipoffs are in two different coloured zips, so that when you come to put the trouser legs back on, you don’t get in a guddle with putting the right leg on the right trouser!

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