In Praise of Khaki – Rascal Roll-Ups

William Morris once wrote:  ‘have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. These trousers fit both those criteria.

Admittedly, a glint of fanaticism enters my prose whenever I get onto the topic of Frugi’s trousers. They seem to me one of the few really perfect experiences in this life – like freshly-ground coffee or June roses, but a great deal less ephemeral. So, while I aspire to the tasteful minimalist ethic embodied in that William Morris quote, I was a little abashed to find, during a recent tidy-up of my eldest’s drawers, seven pairs of Frugi trousers plus another two pairs of shorts. Some might deem that a little excessive, even if some of them have been stockpiled in larger sizes for next winter.

So, another pair, this time the ‘rascal roll-ups’for Baby Arthur. I have to admit, despite my evangelical fervour, that I did hesitate over buying these. They simply didn’t look that attractive on the web-site or in the catalogue. I wasn’t sure about the colour – a dark, muddyish green-brown – and how this would work with the blue trim and buttons.  Indeed, for a young baby, I would have chosen instead the knee-patch pull-ups, because I don’t really like earthy, dark colours on tiny infants.

Now I see my son in these trousers, I am completely won over. The colour, which seems on first glance to be utterly nondescript, is in fact wonderfully versatile. It blends in with everything. Not just the retro stripe top, which I felt I had to buy to cheer up the trousers (oh, all right, I’m a sucker for stripey tops, too), but the baby blue crawler hoody, the tango top, the owl top, the funky mushroom top, anything with a hint of blue.   The little blue buttons and the blue ties on the waistband are one of those wondeful Frugi touches that really bring the garment alive.

You can see the same attention to detail and the same under-stated style in last winter’s Helford tops, currently offered at a ridiculous price in the sale. It’s impossible really to appreciate one of these until your four year old has grabbed it out of the packet (ignoring the instruction to put it back because it’s too big at the moment and has to be saved till the autumn) and worn it constantly for four days on the trot. The contrast stitching on these tops, the cream-coloured placket and beautiful buttons, mean this garment looks wonderful on the child in a way that photographs don’t do justice do. And again, these neutral shades match everything.

Once again, a perfect pair of trousers. Thank you, Frugi

Posted by Zoe R Frugi customer and crusader

Review of Hopper Romper

Baby RomperWell I am a little late doing this review but when this arrived the weather was so cold it could only be worn over other outfits. This romper has a great summery feel to it. The neck is really easy to get over little heads with the space provided by the buttons and the motif is really fun. As always the Frugi fabric washes really well and this garment looks good as new as after several washes.  My little man looks great in this and he is only 5 months, I think this would also be fab summer wear for toddlers as it looks great as well as being easy to wear. Any chance of a Mummy’s T shirt with the space hopper on?

Reviewed by Sam W – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Easy Rider Hoody

Easy Rider HoodyI’m so pleased this was sent for us to review as it has become one of my favourite tops to see my son in! The blue is a lovely shade, not as dark as it looked on the internet, and hides a multitude of stains! The contrasting paler blue stitching around the pockets, zip and hood and the embroidered trike motif, which matches the Easy Rider T-shirt motif, lives up to Frugi’s attention to detail. I love the contrasting striped fabric and the fact the colours chosen and the hood lining, wrist and waist bands brighten up the darker blue. It also makes this top go brilliantly with the ‘Whatever the Weather Vests’ and all of the boys T-shirts.

This hoody is fantastic value for money because with it being reversible you’re getting two tops in one. It’s so well made and there are even pockets on the striped side too! I’ve never come across a reversible top with pockets on both sides! There have been many occasions when we’ve been out and one side has become covered with milk or dribble, but after a quick wipe clean and dry and being turned inside out we’ve been good to go. Usually with reversible tops I have a favourite side and I never end up using the reversible feature but with this top this hasn’t been the case! I can honestly say I love both sides of this top as much as each other. I think the navy side looks great with the Easy Rider Roll-Ups and I’m going to be ordering the Rascal Roll-Ups soon because I think they’ll look great with it too, especially the striped side!

The quality of this top is excellent. It washes really well and doesn’t seem to need ironing! The organic cotton feels super soft and it is a big hit in our house hold! I think I’ll be buying this in some larger sizes too!

Reviewed by Helen D – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Leapfrogger Shorties

Leapfrogger ShortiesYes, I know these come in the girl’s section, but there isn’t a hint of pink in them – not a stitch. I bought these leapfrogger shorties because I really wanted some shorts for my eighteen-month old son in the same fabric as last year’s fabulous swashbucklers. This thick cotton loopback is amazingly hardwearing; it lasts forever. These shorts are a generous length and are just the thing for protecting tender little knees on climbing expeditions in the rockery.

The colour is not quite blue, not quite green, but the duck egg shade that you see painted on ceilings in country houses. There is white contrast stitching round the legs and pockets: a smart detail but not over-fussy. Perhaps the thing I like best about this style is the very comfortable ribbed waistband which fits very snugly without rubbing.

I can’t help thinking that this lovely shade of aqua is just the thing for setting off those strawberry pink shades in this season’s girls’ collection. These shorts or the leapfrogger hoodie would go well with the two pack of pink T-shirts or the wonderfully whimsical  fancy spot top.

Sadly, as the mother of two boys, I will have to forgo the pleasures of mixing pinks and blues, and stick with the shorts.  Could we have some back again in the boys’ range next year, please?

Reviewed by Zoe R – Frugi Customer & Crusader

An ode to towelling – by Alex C, ex-crusader and very bad poet

Oh towelling how I love you
Let me count the ways
You are just right
For chilly nights
And languid summer days

Your easy-going nature
Makes lazy mummies smile
You flit with zest
From washed to dressed
And skip the ironing pile.

Your colours they are myriad
From reds, to blues to cream
Organic cloth
Is just so soft
And always very green!

So when I dress my darling
The muck magnet called my son
I’m always pleased
When from head to knees
He has his towelling on!

Raspberry Ripple Sunhat

SunhatSpring has finally arrived in Glasgow – i’m probably being premature but we’ve had 2 lovely sunny days and i’m willing it to last!  I’ve also taken the opportunity to put this lovely little sunhat on my 8 month old daughter and she is just so cute in it, if i do say so myself (but it’s not just me – my friends all love it too)!  It really suits her fair, strawberry blonde colouring and blue eyes. She even keeps it on most of the time, although her 2yr old big sis snatches it from her head every chance she gets and tries to squeeze her head into it – such is its appeal.  In fact it has been an object of some facination since it arrived and it is regularly removed from the drawer to be played with.  The sizing is perfect for my daughter – this is the first hat she has had that is actually designed for her age – the fleecy winter one she had on only last week is age 1-2yrs!
The colours can only be described as delicious – they remind me of sweeties and icecream.  The fabrics ooze the Frugi luxury we know and love: one side a beautiful baby pink soft cotton and the other unusual raspberry pink contrasted with pale pink in towelling (a grossly under-utilised fabric for babies in my opinion).  The fact it’s reversible is great – obviously it means it can be matched to more outfits, the care label peels off so as not to annoy the fussy child and in really hot weather it can be turned inside out if it gets a bit hot and sweaty.
The best thing about this hat has to be the Cute Factor!
Reviewed by Sarah W – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Go Go Go Hoody

Go Go Go Hoody 

The Go Go Go Hoody

Another great item.  It has a go-kart on it so is a big winner with the boys and it looks really good with the helter skelter tee.  It’s quite weighty so will easily last through from early spring to cooler summer days and on into autumn.  The blue side is really lovely to snuggle into and could be worn on the outside if it weren’t for the fact that no-one would then see the go-kart (so a no go in our house!). 

Reviewed by Sam C – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Fancy Spot Top

When I first saw this Fancy Spot Top Fancy Spot TopI kind of thought ‘oh another spotty top’ however when it’s worn by my 4 year old it really looks so much nicer than other t-shirts.  I think this is down to the very lovely scalloped edging which gives it a very girly touch (to my four year old you can’t have too many girlie touches, whereas I think you can and this strikes a very good balance!)


Now we’ve had a few sunnier days it has been worn with many items from denim dungarees to pink skirts and goes really well with all of them.   

Reviewed by Sam C, Frugi Customer & Crusader 

Helter Skelter Polo Tee

As soon as I saw this t-shirt I knew I was going to have to buy it.  Boys’ clothes are too often dreary and this is lovely and bright and it’s also stripy so my son loves it.


Polo TeeThe Helter Skelter Polo Tee is fast becoming the top we can’t do without; it’s the right top for so many occasions, from kids’ parties at a play gym to Sunday lunch out with Nana.  As you would expect from Frugi it’s lovely and soft so nice to wear – what more could you want from one t-shirt. 


Oh yes it also washes really well (we have spilt blueberry smoothie down it already and it did need a little bit of scrubbing but the fabric is thick enough to take it without losing shape or colour etc and now it looks like new). 

Reviewed by Sam C – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Dotty Spotty Hoody

Dotty Spotty Reversible Hoody

I love hoodys for babies. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but I have discovered that a hood is a lot harder to pull off your head than a hat – hat’s stay on my daughter for about 5 seconds at the moment.

The Dotty Spotty Hoody is my current go-to jumper for my 9 month old. I love the colours, the softness, the usual generous fit you can expect from Frugi. Lily mainly loves the zipper.

The top detail of a reversible jumper is, of course, the fact that it’s reversible, meaning you not only get two options appearance-wise, but you can turn it inside out when baby has a particularly messy lunch and it will still look great for the rest of the day. The two sides go wonderfully together, but are actually quite different (solid pink vs purple spots on cream) so one way or another, this really does go with everything in Lily’s wardrobe.

The double sides also mean that it is double thickness – two layers of yummy Frugi cotton knit, which is fantastic at the moment, although it might make it a bit too warm to be a ‘just in case it cools down before we head home’ high-summer option.

Reviewed by Kate F – Frugi Customer & Crusader