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Hooray!  I’m delighted to report that Spring has now very convincingly sprung here in East London and it no longer seems quite so outrageous to dress my no longer tiny, but still fairly young, baby daughter in her short-sleeved Frugi T-shirts.

Now, pink isn’t normally top of my wish list for baby girls’ clothes, but this lovely pair of pink T-shirts will definitely be seeing plenty of sun this summer (provided the weather continues to play ball, that is!).   This is because they offer the perfect way to prettify an otherwise fairly boyish wardrobe handed down from Hebe’s big brother.  They both look lovely with blue trousers or dungarees, and the paler one works particularly well with browns.  They do, of course, also complement Frugi’s own collection perfectly.  I also have a pleasant vision of Hebe lounging on a shady lawn later this spring wearing just a T-shirt and a pretty nappy.

It is perhaps with a simple wardrobe staple like a T-shirt that the quality of Frugi clothes really shines through.  These T-shirts ooze quality.  The cotton, as usual, is thick and soft and repeated washing shows no sign of impact on the shape or colour of these T’s.  Unlike some other less hardy (non-Frugi) items from Hebe’s wardrobe which have been fraying my patience and testing my meagre skills with a needle and thread, here there is not a loose thread in sight.

Hebe is now well in to her fourth month, and her 0-3 month sized T-shirts are still a very comfortable fit with some growing room.  The poppered shoulder means that there should be no problem getting these over her head for some time, but I think the first place where the sizing will show will be around the ruched sleeves.  Hebe has fairly slender arms (unlike her little chunky thighs) but we may not be able to stretch too many more weeks out of these T’s before the cuffs begin to be constricting.

Reviewed by Anna S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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