Easy Rider Hoody

Easy Rider HoodyI’m so pleased this was sent for us to review as it has become one of my favourite tops to see my son in! The blue is a lovely shade, not as dark as it looked on the internet, and hides a multitude of stains! The contrasting paler blue stitching around the pockets, zip and hood and the embroidered trike motif, which matches the Easy Rider T-shirt motif, lives up to Frugi’s attention to detail. I love the contrasting striped fabric and the fact the colours chosen and the hood lining, wrist and waist bands brighten up the darker blue. It also makes this top go brilliantly with the ‘Whatever the Weather Vests’ and all of the boys T-shirts.

This hoody is fantastic value for money because with it being reversible you’re getting two tops in one. It’s so well made and there are even pockets on the striped side too! I’ve never come across a reversible top with pockets on both sides! There have been many occasions when we’ve been out and one side has become covered with milk or dribble, but after a quick wipe clean and dry and being turned inside out we’ve been good to go. Usually with reversible tops I have a favourite side and I never end up using the reversible feature but with this top this hasn’t been the case! I can honestly say I love both sides of this top as much as each other. I think the navy side looks great with the Easy Rider Roll-Ups and I’m going to be ordering the Rascal Roll-Ups soon because I think they’ll look great with it too, especially the striped side!

The quality of this top is excellent. It washes really well and doesn’t seem to need ironing! The organic cotton feels super soft and it is a big hit in our house hold! I think I’ll be buying this in some larger sizes too!

Reviewed by Helen D – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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