In Praise of Khaki – Rascal Roll-Ups

William Morris once wrote:  ‘have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. These trousers fit both those criteria.

Admittedly, a glint of fanaticism enters my prose whenever I get onto the topic of Frugi’s trousers. They seem to me one of the few really perfect experiences in this life – like freshly-ground coffee or June roses, but a great deal less ephemeral. So, while I aspire to the tasteful minimalist ethic embodied in that William Morris quote, I was a little abashed to find, during a recent tidy-up of my eldest’s drawers, seven pairs of Frugi trousers plus another two pairs of shorts. Some might deem that a little excessive, even if some of them have been stockpiled in larger sizes for next winter.

So, another pair, this time the ‘rascal roll-ups’for Baby Arthur. I have to admit, despite my evangelical fervour, that I did hesitate over buying these. They simply didn’t look that attractive on the web-site or in the catalogue. I wasn’t sure about the colour – a dark, muddyish green-brown – and how this would work with the blue trim and buttons.  Indeed, for a young baby, I would have chosen instead the knee-patch pull-ups, because I don’t really like earthy, dark colours on tiny infants.

Now I see my son in these trousers, I am completely won over. The colour, which seems on first glance to be utterly nondescript, is in fact wonderfully versatile. It blends in with everything. Not just the retro stripe top, which I felt I had to buy to cheer up the trousers (oh, all right, I’m a sucker for stripey tops, too), but the baby blue crawler hoody, the tango top, the owl top, the funky mushroom top, anything with a hint of blue.   The little blue buttons and the blue ties on the waistband are one of those wondeful Frugi touches that really bring the garment alive.

You can see the same attention to detail and the same under-stated style in last winter’s Helford tops, currently offered at a ridiculous price in the sale. It’s impossible really to appreciate one of these until your four year old has grabbed it out of the packet (ignoring the instruction to put it back because it’s too big at the moment and has to be saved till the autumn) and worn it constantly for four days on the trot. The contrast stitching on these tops, the cream-coloured placket and beautiful buttons, mean this garment looks wonderful on the child in a way that photographs don’t do justice do. And again, these neutral shades match everything.

Once again, a perfect pair of trousers. Thank you, Frugi

Posted by Zoe R Frugi customer and crusader

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