Leapfrogger Shorties

Leapfrogger ShortiesYes, I know these come in the girl’s section, but there isn’t a hint of pink in them – not a stitch. I bought these leapfrogger shorties because I really wanted some shorts for my eighteen-month old son in the same fabric as last year’s fabulous swashbucklers. This thick cotton loopback is amazingly hardwearing; it lasts forever. These shorts are a generous length and are just the thing for protecting tender little knees on climbing expeditions in the rockery.

The colour is not quite blue, not quite green, but the duck egg shade that you see painted on ceilings in country houses. There is white contrast stitching round the legs and pockets: a smart detail but not over-fussy. Perhaps the thing I like best about this style is the very comfortable ribbed waistband which fits very snugly without rubbing.

I can’t help thinking that this lovely shade of aqua is just the thing for setting off those strawberry pink shades in this season’s girls’ collection. These shorts or the leapfrogger hoodie would go well with the two pack of pink T-shirts or the wonderfully whimsical¬† fancy spot top.

Sadly, as the mother of two boys, I will have to forgo the pleasures of mixing pinks and blues, and stick with the shorts.¬† Could we have some back again in the boys’ range next year, please?

Reviewed by Zoe R – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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