Raspberry Ripple Sunhat

SunhatSpring has finally arrived in Glasgow – i’m probably being premature but we’ve had 2 lovely sunny days and i’m willing it to last!  I’ve also taken the opportunity to put this lovely little sunhat on my 8 month old daughter and she is just so cute in it, if i do say so myself (but it’s not just me – my friends all love it too)!  It really suits her fair, strawberry blonde colouring and blue eyes. She even keeps it on most of the time, although her 2yr old big sis snatches it from her head every chance she gets and tries to squeeze her head into it – such is its appeal.  In fact it has been an object of some facination since it arrived and it is regularly removed from the drawer to be played with.  The sizing is perfect for my daughter – this is the first hat she has had that is actually designed for her age – the fleecy winter one she had on only last week is age 1-2yrs!
The colours can only be described as delicious – they remind me of sweeties and icecream.  The fabrics ooze the Frugi luxury we know and love: one side a beautiful baby pink soft cotton and the other unusual raspberry pink contrasted with pale pink in towelling (a grossly under-utilised fabric for babies in my opinion).  The fact it’s reversible is great – obviously it means it can be matched to more outfits, the care label peels off so as not to annoy the fussy child and in really hot weather it can be turned inside out if it gets a bit hot and sweaty.
The best thing about this hat has to be the Cute Factor!
Reviewed by Sarah W – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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