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 One thing I really like about Team Frugi is their pessimism.


I don’t mean they wander about gloomily wondering why the glass is half-empty and quoting Kafka at each other.  I mean they are realistic about the British weather.


Well, what other company would produce a ‘summer’ top that my little boy has been happily wearing during one of the coldest Februarys on record?


Rockpooler Towelling HoodyThe Rockpooler Hoody has to be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing ever.  It’s warm enough to wear in winter (albeit with a vest underneath) but cool enough that your beloved won’t melt whilst wearing it in a (British) summer.  Aussies – you can stop reading right now. 


The colour reproduction in the catalogue is a bit confusing – I thought it looked like it was blue and cream, inspired perhaps by a New England seascape.  It’s actually blue and grey.   Which is a coincidence, because that was the colour of my face after chasing the postie down our snowy street to grab the parcel before it was whisked away leaving me haplessly clutching one of those really irritating ‘while you were out’ cards.



The top’s actually a bit of a grower – looks perfectly acceptable off, but really comes into its own when worn.  Then, the tunic styling can be appreciated fully, and little details, like the lined hood, show up.


Frugi clobber doesn’t tend to need ironing, and this needs it even less than most.  And it seems to have remained even softer than other things too, despite repeated washing.  I’d definitely like to see this fabric being given a starring role in future collections – towelling is for life, not just for summer!


Reviewed by Alex C – Frugi Customer & Retired Crusader!

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