Scoop Neck Kaftan (Boho Blossom)

Breastfeeding Top
Breastfeeding Top

I ordered this breastfeeding top in early December & was not disappointed after receiving it in early January on its release (plus a bar of delicious chocolate!)

The floral print is great & looks good with brown/blues/denim/grey/cream. The website picture does not give the colours their true reward – it has a background of light brown with cornflower blue & white flowers and a grey leaf & trailing stem design.

At first I thought that the neck looked generous & low cut but this is not the case. The sleeves would have been better either 3/4 length or with a roll-up button & tab for use when changing nappies/washing-up/bathing! …or perhaps I have short arms but this has not stopped me wearing it virtually all the time.

The gathered yolk design hides slack tummy muscles & the double layer in grey is fab for discrete breastfeeding without revealing my flabby tummy! The lining in grey is on the back as well as the front & so is great for Winter wear.

It’s a pity Frugi don’t do ‘Yummy Mummy’ trousers with adjustable waists! I shall be buying the Tie-Back Top for the Summer even though I won’t be breastfeeding then as I love the flattering design & the soft jersey – no ironing necessary – wash, tumble, wear!

Reviewed by Jane P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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