The Fantastic Frugi Chickens

Well, the wait is over.
Planet Frugi now has Chickens.
We all can’t believe how excited we all are! They survived their first night, and seem really happy in their brand new coop eating and drinking and clucking merrily.
Whitey in flight
Whitey in flight

We were going to call them after the staff here, but Tom (5 1/2) and me (38 & a bit) got there first!

The names are

Whitey (Pictured above – sort of whiteish)

Soup (She’s my favourite and I fought hard for that name)

Henny (Afer Henri – our ‘Tomorrow’ dept. manager – yes, i know she is staff, but she took the photos and was there on ‘C’ day)

Gertrude (Not sure why – some idea of Henri’s I think… just sounds posh)

Happy (’cause she is)

Speckledy (’cause she’s speckledy)

Tom and Sam are spellbound by the Frugi Chickens
Tom and Sam are spellbound by the Frugi Chickens
I feel that this blog may see more of the Frugi Chickens. They’ll be laying in about a month – so watch this space for ‘E’ day! (I’m hoping that it’s a Soup egg)

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