Tieback Top for Breastfeeding

Tieback Breastfeeding Top
Tieback Breastfeeding Top

Having been madly in love with my two Kaftan tops for sometime now I wasn’t sure how I felt about sharing our routine (patterned top on for a few days then into the wash while the¬†black one gets a turn) with a usurper!!! However my new Tie-Back Breastfeeding Top has fitted in nicely! The fabric is slightly thinner and more suited to warmer spring days (when did we have those I hear you ask?) I got quite carried away the other day when we did have lots of sun and the temp reached over 10 degress. I wore my tie back top with a light weight cardi and felt positively springlike!! I find it as easy to feed in as my Kaftan tops – perhaps slight

ly easier as because of the tie backs when you pull up the top layer of fabric it stays there whilst you wrestle with a wriggly baby! The short sleeves are great and the colour goes really well with jeans. If I have a complaint it would be that it is quite long and hangs down below other tops that I have put on over it – however¬†I am only 5ft 3………

Reviewed By Sam W – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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