Whatever the Weather Vests

Organic Baby Vests
Organic Baby Vests

I love Frugi vests anyway and these Whatever The Weather Vests¬†have not disappointed. They are the same fabulous thick cotton, I love the envelope neck and find them really easy to get on even now Ned has discovered the power of the squirm! I was staying at my Mum’s recently who had washed Ned’s vests and was neatly folding them (I know, aren’t Mum’s great!) when she suddenly said ” oooh thats a lovely soft one”. Yes you guessed it – a Frugi vest ( the cream one from the range I am reviewing actually!) I do think that sometimes Frugi vests can appear expensive in comparison to others but in my view they wash better, stay in shape and are lovely and thick. I do all my washing with eco ballz and even when these vests have been covered in lovely sticky poo they come out unstained! One last point – the colours of these vests are fab for boys and girls. Enjoy.

Reviewed by Sam W – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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