Fancy Pants Roll Ups

Fancy Pants Roll Up TrousersThe Fancy Pants Roll Ups have the same material as the Truly Scrumptious Dress on the roll ups and the waist band. This material is picked up in items like the Flip Flop T-shirt so good for a bit of mixing and matching. The t-shirt material lining at the bottom and round the waist make these very comfy for my daughter to wear and she likes the mix and match element with the t-shirt. The detailing of the heart pockets is really nice and helps girly girls get over the fact they are not pink! They are generously sized and the waist band is very elastic but on skinny minnies they may struggle to stay up properly as they are not adjustable.
Reviewed by Sam C – Frugi Customer & Crusader



Flip Flop Hoody

Flip Flop HoodyThe photos of the Flip Flop Hoody makes it look a little bit pale and wishy washy so when it arrived I was pleased to see that it was actually a lot brighter than the brochure depicts. The pale pink side makes it a great top for either the Fancy Pants Roll Ups or the Truly Scrumptious Dress. The minty side matches the Flip Flop T-shirt so looks great with that. The fact that so much of the collection mixes and matches is ideal as we recently went away and managed to take a few items which saw us through traipsing around museums, going out for dinner and playing in the park with just a few clothes and a multi purpose, goes with everything hoody! As its reversible its quite thick and will easily be wearable through to the autumn so I’m expecting a lot of wear from it.

Reviewed by Sam C – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Truly Scrumptious Dress

This dress has been well named!  When the sun comes out Lila always wants her ‘beautiful dress’ on and i’m always delighted to put it on her, which is more than can be said for most of the outfits she chooses for herself!  She loves the way it flares out as she twirls around admiring herself in the mirror – there’s a lot of material in it which makes it hang really nicely too.  She also loves posing with her hands in the cute little pockets.
Lila looking Truly Scrumptious!
Lila looking Truly Scrumptious!
This truly is a multifunctional item of clothing that is dressy enough for a party but really comfy and ideal for playing in too.  Fortunately it washes up well and doesn’t need ironing as it cycles through the wash frequently!
I love the individuality of Frugi clothes – they really stand out from the boring high street colours and styles and people always ask me about this dress when Lila wears it.
The only downside i can think of is that it doesn’t really look right with tights – which is fine as it’s a summer dress but meant we had to wait a while to start wearing it as the weather in Scotland can be a wee bit chilly in Spring!!
Reviewed by Sarah W – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Frugi Facebook 30% discount






Ok…we have a mission.

We’re nearly at 1000 facebook fans…but not quite!!

We would really like 1000 fans. It’s just such a lovely number.

So, to encourage you to become a fan we’ve got a super deal.

Once we get to 1000 facebook fans we’re going to offer every single fan a 30% discount on our lovely scrummy organic cotton clothes.(Excluding items already at sale prices)

 This offer will last for 2 days. (Don’t worry, as soon as the offer is on we’ll tell you, and give you the special secret, don’t tell a soul code)

So if you’re not a fan, become one. If you are a fan, invite your facebook friends to become one.

Go forth, young Skywalker, and may the frugi force be with you!

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Pizza back on the menu for frugi staff

It’s been a long, hard winter for all of us here at Frugi towers. We love our jobs, don’t get us wrong. Organic cotton clothes rock!
However, it’s been pasty upon pasty upon pasty.
But…the sun is now shining and the farm shop’s wood burning oven has been brought back to life. It’ s pizza time – yum.

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“We love henri” say Frugi staff

 Henri, our e-commerce guru and general manager of the Tomorrow department has been on holiday this week. Oh how we’ve missed her!

The place just hasn’t been the same. Yes the clothes have got designed, yes customer orders have gone out, yes the website still worked etc. But, really, we NEED her!

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Back to work at frugi towers

So, did everyone have a nice Easter?

Easter egg hunts for those with Children. Long lie-ins for those without!

Back to work here at Frugi towers this week, and getting the backlog of orders out to our lovely customers.

(Mark, our warehouse manager, took a ‘duvet day’ on Tuesday, and had a day off booked on Wednesday,  so he’s been off for yonks!)

Easter egg hunt
Sy, Lucy and Lucy's mum Anne prepare for the chocolate feast
Hope everyone had a lovely break. We certainly did 😉

Business link come to frugi

Kurt Jewson; tubby, ageing, and grey - haired Frugi person,  tries to blend in.
Kurt Jewson; tubby, ageing, and grey - haired Frugi person, tries to blend in.









OK  if you want to see

1 – Kurt in a shirt, (notice that he didn’t wear a tie) talking very nervously about web 2.0. with his grey hair glinting in the sunlight.

2 – Henri, making a totally embarrassing spelling mistake whilst typing.

3 – Lucy with her pre-cut hair do fringe thing going on, and her buttons undone.

Then you may wish to cick  HERE


P.S. Has the Camera adulation gone to Kurt’s head?

Review:Bow Peep Roll-Ups

Frugi bow peep roll-ups










We were so excited when these gorgeous trousers arrived, but we had to await the warmer weather! We’ve finally had a few days of sunshine and thus the trousers have been put to good use! I’m pretty sure my daughters will test clothing in the good ole fashioned way! We’ve been rolling down grassy verges, splashing rather vehemently in muddy puddles and wiping sticky raspberry stained fingers down them, and thus far they’ve come up well! I wash my clothes at 30, predominantly with soap nuts and my main praise for Frugi is the clothes clean well! I have found however that the fabric of these trousers seems a little stiffer once washed, perhaps it’s the hard water here in Norfolk? Or perhaps it’s just the way they are made, but they definitely resemble cardboard after a morning on the line! Still, within minutes of being on and rolled around in they are soft and ready.


I love the colours, they receive many compliments and are incredibly twee. My daughter likes them too and points at the spots, proclaiming loudly “Look, POTS!!” However neither of us can really work out what we’re supposed to do with the ties! I came close to cutting them off because they just tie awkwardly, stick out when in the car seat and fall apart knot wise when walking. They are definitely the least loved thing about these otherwise adorable trousers. I don’t think they serve a particular purpose either? I was definitely befuddled. I also don’t think they’d work well (the knots / extra fabric) with smaller children, Mirabelle is old enough now not to pull and chew on things but that would have been entirely different a mere 6 months ago.

Overall they are a success, but there are definitely a few small things that would put me off buying them again.


Reviewed by Chloe M – Frugi customer and crusader

Bibs, glorious bibs

Let’s be honest – when you can pop down to the high street and grab a fistful of bibs for a few quid, Frugi’s seem quite expensive – after all, they’re just there to catch the stains you don’t want on your little one’s nice clothes, right? Exactly, I agree. If you want to protect your beautiful Frugi gear, you need these bibs.









I’ll get the aesthetic stuff out of the way – yes, the bibs are adorable; of course, the little images are cute. More importantly though, these bibs are super practical. Big, generous fronts actually do the job of protecting clothing. They’re cut all in one piece and close with a single popper meaning no wrangling ties and no velcro to stick to everything else in the wash, but also no pulling the whole thing over the head. They are made of Frugi’s beautiful cottons – smooth on the front, with terry on the back, making them much more absorbent than other bibs we’ve tried, so you actually only have to take the bib off, not change their whole outfit, when they get a little over-enthusiastic about that drink you gave them.










There are only two downsides to these bibs. The first is that the popper closure means that the sizing is not adjustable and they might be a bit loose on really small babes. The second is that once you get one set, you won’t want bibs from anywhere else… I love the Berry Nice ones so much, I went back to get the Whatever the Weather set and discovered they had sold out. I have been stalking the website, hoping that they will reappear and was rather pleased when I discovered they had more on the way. Quick – get them while you can (I’ve already ordered mine).


Posted by Kate F – Frugi customer and crusader