Bibs, glorious bibs

Let’s be honest – when you can pop down to the high street and grab a fistful of bibs for a few quid, Frugi’s seem quite expensive – after all, they’re just there to catch the stains you don’t want on your little one’s nice clothes, right? Exactly, I agree. If you want to protect your beautiful Frugi gear, you need these bibs.









I’ll get the aesthetic stuff out of the way – yes, the bibs are adorable; of course, the little images are cute. More importantly though, these bibs are super practical. Big, generous fronts actually do the job of protecting clothing. They’re cut all in one piece and close with a single popper meaning no wrangling ties and no velcro to stick to everything else in the wash, but also no pulling the whole thing over the head. They are made of Frugi’s beautiful cottons – smooth on the front, with terry on the back, making them much more absorbent than other bibs we’ve tried, so you actually only have to take the bib off, not change their whole outfit, when they get a little over-enthusiastic about that drink you gave them.










There are only two downsides to these bibs. The first is that the popper closure means that the sizing is not adjustable and they might be a bit loose on really small babes. The second is that once you get one set, you won’t want bibs from anywhere else… I love the Berry Nice ones so much, I went back to get the Whatever the Weather set and discovered they had sold out. I have been stalking the website, hoping that they will reappear and was rather pleased when I discovered they had more on the way. Quick – get them while you can (I’ve already ordered mine).


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