Flip Flop Hoody

Flip Flop HoodyThe photos of the Flip Flop Hoody makes it look a little bit pale and wishy washy so when it arrived I was pleased to see that it was actually a lot brighter than the brochure depicts. The pale pink side makes it a great top for either the Fancy Pants Roll Ups or the Truly Scrumptious Dress. The minty side matches the Flip Flop T-shirt so looks great with that. The fact that so much of the collection mixes and matches is ideal as we recently went away and managed to take a few items which saw us through traipsing around museums, going out for dinner and playing in the park with just a few clothes and a multi purpose, goes with everything hoody! As its reversible its quite thick and will easily be wearable through to the autumn so I’m expecting a lot of wear from it.

Reviewed by Sam C – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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