Frugi Facebook 30% discount






Ok…we have a mission.

We’re nearly at 1000 facebook fans…but not quite!!

We would really like 1000 fans. It’s just such a lovely number.

So, to encourage you to become a fan we’ve got a super deal.

Once we get to 1000 facebook fans we’re going to offer every single fan a 30% discount on our lovely scrummy organic cotton clothes.(Excluding items already at sale prices)

 This offer will last for 2 days. (Don’t worry, as soon as the offer is on we’ll tell you, and give you the special secret, don’t tell a soul code)

So if you’re not a fan, become one. If you are a fan, invite your facebook friends to become one.

Go forth, young Skywalker, and may the frugi force be with you!

Click HERE to go to the fan page.

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