Ode to Autumn 09

Sorry about this – Alex has got me started and now I can’t stop…

Ever heard tell of the Princess

With twenty mattresses, no less?

She couldn’t get to sleep, you see

Because of that annoying pea.

She tossed and turned all through the night

Now to the left, now to the right.

She counted sheep, to no avail –

That pea was harder than chain mail.

Young ladies, if you’d like a tip

On why that Princess got no kip,

It’s simple, the poor girl, I fear

Was quite bereft of Frugi gear.

Does your skin itch, or chafe, or burn?

Your clothes bring on a funny turn?

Does mother try to cram you in

To things that hurt your gentle skin?

You really should try out this stuff –

It’s soft as silk, and twice as tough.

These lovely clothes will set you free

From the discomfort of that pea.

Frugi wear was made for this –

To bring princesses lasting bliss.


Posted by Zoe R Frugi Customer, Crusader and poet

2 thoughts on “Ode to Autumn 09”

  1. Hi am coming to your wonderful part of the world for two weeks begining October. Was wondering if you are having one of your wonderful Frugi factory sales in Gweek then, as have just become a Grandma for the third time!

  2. Hi Gail
    Not sure it’ll be in October, probably nearer Christmas I’m afraid. Fran, in our office, is the lady to talk to. She is the master of all things Frugi sales etc. 😉

    Congratulations on becoming a Grandma again – you must be kept very busy!!

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