“We love henri” say Frugi staff

 Henri, our e-commerce guru and general manager of the Tomorrow department has been on holiday this week. Oh how we’ve missed her!

The place just hasn’t been the same. Yes the clothes have got designed, yes customer orders have gone out, yes the website still worked etc. But, really, we NEED her!

Check out her forlorn desk – boo hoo

 But, wait a mo….she’s back on Monday. We’ll all be happy and gay. Well, happy at least!

Check back next week for the latest, thrilling, installment of “Who’s off this week at Frugi towers”
Where's Henri?
Where's Henri?

1 thought on ““We love henri” say Frugi staff”

  1. looks to me like someone’s been messing up my desk while i was away – i used to have a black chair, and those files ain’t mine…Lucy?!

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