Buying Organic cotton clothes

It’s a tricky thing, this being green and environmentally friendly. On a day-to-day level we can all turn off light bulbs, use Eco-friendly washing powder and washable nappies or Eco-disposable nappies on our babies. Clothes, however, seem to be a  slightly different matter.

You see, when it comes to buying clothes we are torn by the compulsion of desire. Good design and quality manufacturing, coupled with good branding = a great product. It is very difficult to look beyond this even if you err on the, as Jeremy Clarkson would say, Ecomentalist side!

The challenge for clothing companies is, therefore, to make their clothes both desirable and as environmentally friendly as possible. Since we started Cut4Cloth (Now Frugi) 5 years ago, the number of retailers selling, and the quality of  organic cotton clothes they sell has increased dramatically.

Gone are the itchy-scratch hippy dippy garments of the past, replaced by beautifully designed quality clothes.

This is a good thing. It means that more people will buy organic, because the clothes are desirable.  For many, the ethical aspect is an added bonus. 

What needs to happen is for all manufacturing and retailing to operate in as an environmentally friendly fashion as possible. Then, by default, consumers will be buying ‘green’ without knowing it.

Then we can all look ‘cool’ in our amazing ‘threads’…man, without having to do any tie-dying whatsoever. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that you understand….phew )


That dude, Kurt Jewson

2 thoughts on “Buying Organic cotton clothes”

  1. Hello Kurt,

    I agree. The scratchy, hair shirt ideology of the seventies has gone and clothes must be beautiful to look at as well as calming to the conscience.

    In terms of quality, Frugi still has the edge here. I have found no other cotton quite so soft, thick and durable as this. But in terms of online shopping, these qualities are difficult to get across: thus the importance of vibrant colours and designs.

  2. Design has always be paramount in what we do. When we started Frugi there were organic clothes out there, but they all looked just so ‘organic’ and ‘right on’. We just wanted them to be well designed and appealing too!

    A great deal of our customers are repeat customers. They make a leap of faith and buy on line and then once they trust us, buy again and again.

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